Writing for Ourselves

Without the scrutinizing presence of ableism and audism it would be hard to know how to be. This rare, closed session for Deaf, disabled, chronically ill, mad, fatigued, undiagnosed, crip writers of all experience levels is a celebration. A protected space to share poetry or sections of writing and exchange ideas that are for us. In preparation for the public reading, “Accessing Ourselves: Crip Poetrics and Writing Our Desires,” facilitator and queercrip writer Aimee Louw invites crip and Deaf writers to witness, share, and build community. Can we balance being legible with writing our uncensored truths? What does it mean to write for ourselves? 

This is a closed event for D/deaf and disabled writers.

Event Type: Reading
Event Code: BEA/FRI-1
Venue: Beaumont Studios
Date: Friday, March 13, 3:30pm – 6:00pm
Cost: Pay What You Can (recommended: $12.50)
This event will feature ASL-ENG interpretation.

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Aimee Louw’s chapbook, Less Sweet than Chocolate or Concrete is out now. Follow along as she writes her debut novel, You Deserve Everything.