Something Funny

Something funny always happens at Growing Room. What will happen this year when a performing artist, a memoirist, two poets, and two stand-ups walk into a room? Join Kayla Czaga, Joanne Tsung, Alicia Tobin, Dina Del Bucchia, Soo Jeong, and Tin Lorica as they bring on the humour for a laugh-out-loud evening of stand-up comedy and comedic writing. Hosted by the hilarious Savannah Erasmus.

Event Type: Reading
Event Code: FOX/THU-2
Venue: Fox Cabaret
Date: Thursday, March 12, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Cost: Pay What You Can (recommended: $12.50)
This event will feature ASL-ENG interpretation.

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Alicia Tobin is a comedian and writer living and working in Vancouver. She is the co-host of two popular podcasts, Retail Nightmares and Super! Sick! Podcast! and the creator of Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw with Me.

Dina Del Bucchia writes books, co-hosts a podcast and hosts events.

Kayla Czaga is the author of two collections of poetry: For Your Safety Please Hold On and Dunk Tank. She lives in Victoria B.C.

Savannah Erasmus is a nehiyaw iskwew sohkihtakosiw from Kikino, Alberta. She is a glamorous comedian, Indigenous storyteller, producer, and journalist.

Soo Jeong is a storyteller and a comic. She enjoys romantic walks on the beach and prefers food over affection. She is currently working on her solo show, “The Ways I Bring Shame On My Korean Family.”

Tin Lorica is a queer Filipinx comedian and writer based in Vancouver. They co-host and produce Millennial Line, a monthly comedy and poetry series, as well as Yellow Fever, an all-Asian comedy show.