Online registration for the Growing Room 2020 will open February 4, 2020.

Panels and Readings

All panels and readings at Growing Room are pay-what-you-can / by donation to ensure that no one is unable to attend the festival for economic reasons. You will be given the option to donate when you register for your event(s). Your donation helps sustain Growing Room and will help us keep our events free or affordable for those who otherwise cannot afford to attend. Our recommended donation tiers are: $12.50 (regular), $25.00 (generous), and $40.00 (includes a one-year subscription to Room Magazine).

Please note that tax receipts will not be issued for donations.

Eventbrite accepts credit cards. If you would like to reserve a spot for a paid event but prefer to pay the registration fee with cash or cheque, please contact Nav Nagra at

Note: If you donate when you register, you will see an extra “ticket” on your order for the donation.  


Registration for workshops will open February 4, 2020. Space is limited, so we recommend registering early. Workshops cost $15 (2.5 hour workshop); however, two free spots per workshop will be set aside for financial accessibility. If you’d like to request free workshop registration, please email Meagan Joy Black at

Opening Night Party

The opening night party is a ticketed event; however, if you would like to request free admission for financial accessibility please email Meagan Joy Black at

Sold Out Events / In-person Registration

There will be a limited number of seats set aside at panels, readings, and the opening night party for people who have not registered for events online (including sold-out events). Priority seating will be given to elders and people with disabilities. There are no wait lists for sold-out events. 

Event Codes

What are Event Codes? 

Event codes are a shorthand to help you find or talk about Growing Room events that you are interested in. Throughout the Growing Room website and on all our materials, you will see these events codes.

Here is an example event code: MAS/FRI-2.

These event codes are seven digits long. The first three digits tell you the location where the event is being held in three letters (e.g., MAS for Massy Books). This is followed by a slash and then four more digits: three letters that tell you what day the event is being held (e.g., FRI for Friday), and one number. 

The number corresponds to the “event sets” of when Growing Room events are being held (e.g., multiple events might be happening from 10AM to 12PM on SAT); these sets are numbered 1 for the first set of events in a day, 2 for the second set of events in a day, and so on. Each day of Growing Room has a different number of events and a different number of sets. 

Workshops are numbered separately because they are longer and have different ticketing policies. 

When to use Event Codes?

You can use event codes to move confidently between the Growing Room “schedule at a glance” and our detailed event descriptions; even if the title has been shortened or slightly altered, the event code will be the same everywhere.

You can also use these codes when looking for Growing Room events on Facebook or Eventbrite. The seven-digit event code (LOC/DAY-#) will be included in the event title or description on non-Room websites, so that you can find our events and identify them more easily.

Want to ask a question at a panel? Use SLIDO!

At Growing Room panels where there will be audience Q&As, we will be using an online audience interaction platform called Slido to collect questions. Slido will allow you to submit your questions using your smartphones, as well as upvote the questions of other participants.

Please join at the beginning of the event and submit your questions and upvote the questions you’d like to see answered at any time throughout. Here’s how to join:

    1. Please take out your smartphones 
    2. Open any web browser and go to
    3. Enter the event code #GR2020
    4. Join the room with our event name